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The PIMS Professional Course gives individuals the practical techniques to develop and transform relationships, and enhance communication skills.

Using coaching and mentoring, the PIMS guides professionals to recognise positive behaviour, through effective feedback and goal setting, how to develop an individual’s resiliency and provide strict and consistent rules. It also demonstrates and remedies how we as professionals can provide negative feedback without being aware, known as NIMS.

The PIMS programme helps you achieve this by:

  • Using the theory of Positive Psychology, providing practical techniques
  • The principles of effective communication with individuals and groups.
  • Recognising and effectively feeding back positive character strengths.
  • Identifying and developing the impact we have on people’s lives.
  • Highly interactive workshop
  • Enhance professional development by self-reflection and improving communication skills
PIMS Professional courses are run by:

Tom Brady

Tom has been involved in senior management and communication for many years and fully understands the benefits associated with good communication and interpersonal skills. He has been involved with the development of PIMS since its concept and firmly believes that this structured approach evidentially based in positive psychology is a huge leap forward.

Chris Hawley

Chris Hawley is a naturally enthusiastic and positive individual who has led many teams within the commercial sector through both challenging and dramatic periods of organisational and social change. Chris is a founder of the PIMS training platform and a passionate believer in the education and motivation of individuals to maximise both their personal value and their workplace material. He has held leadership roles as a Sales Manager, Marketing Director and Managing Director in organisations as wide ranging as large multinational corporations to start up SME’s. Over the last 30 years Chris has become a keen advocate of the works of Martin Seligman, the pioneer of Positive Psychology and Miller & Heiman’s definitive work Conceptual Selling. Having trained as a teacher & been a competitive athlete in his early 20′s, Chris applied these experiences which develop resilience, effective communication and problem solving skills to make his way in the commerical world. Following post graduate study, Chris followed a path in the Sales and Marketing arena focused at communicating and motivating others to get the best for themselves and their employers. This blossomed into General Management roles where the application of positive psychology and conceptual people skills had an even bigger role to play. PIMs is a logical development as a platform to inspire and apply the principles of positive psychology to a wider audience.

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Child Psycholgy. During her training she has worked with a large number of children, young people and professionals in a range of settings. This helped Sophie recently when she trained residential home care managers, therapeutic team members and young professionals on enhancing their communication skills. Sophie utilises the techniques she has learnt from Positive Psychology and has developed them to enhance her training skills.

Mark Brady

Mark Brady has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and is undertaking postgraduate neuropsychological study in Bath. He runs psycho-educational courses for the NHS in the southwest, focusing on behavioural problems using both CBT and Solution focused therapies. A member of the British Psychological Society, his primary areas of interest are developmental and behavioural disorders.

This one day PIMS Professional course provides participants with the opportunity to understand how to effectively communicate and to transform relationships when working with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

During the PIMS Professional course you will see how we create environments which provide consistency and clarity to children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Delegates attending the PIMS Professional Course are provided with coaching and mentoring plus the tools to devise and develop personal goals for individuals in their care. Giving professionals the ability to motivate by highlighting achievement and experiences of success.

The PIMS Professional Course enables delegates to master techniques that create resiliency in the people they care for. Providing professionals with the expertise to develop an individual’s feelings of being resilient in order for them to flourish in their own lives.

Delegates of the PIMS Professional course develop personal and professional recognition of the common pitfalls that often occur when communicating with others.

PIMS Professional uses coaching and mentoring, exercises, group work and discussions to demonstrate how simple behaviours and innocent gestures can have a negative and opposite effect to the message you are trying to convey. This heightened awareness becomes a self analysis tool that engenders positivity.

For further information about the PIMS Professional course please contact us at:

Tel 0161 975 4922

Email info@therightimpression.com


Our PIMS Communication course provides you with effective positive feedback techniques to transform relationships in everyday life, with the aim of cultivating a positive culture.

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The PIMS Professional Course gives individuals the practical techniques to develop and transform relationships, and enhance communication skills.

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