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The Approach consists of a set of strategies with the goal of creating self-regulation. Nurtured HeartTM focuses on transforming the way children and young people perceive themselves, their parents and the world around them.

Why does it work?

Children and young people learn to understand that they will receive endless amounts of praise, energy, recognition and reward through the positive behaviour they display and this supports children to build a positive portfolio of themselves. Nurtured HeartTM empowers parents and professionals with the tools in order to create these environments, and impact on relationships with parents, teachers and peers.

The NHA was created and developed by Howard Glasser. This approach was developed by observing the energy in relationships, noticing that more energy and attention went to negative behaviour rather than to positive behaviour.

Where is it working?

The Nurtured Heart ApproachTM has been applied to a range of different settings across the UK, including youth offending teams, foster carers, parents, residential support workers and schools. It has an immediate effect on interactions and relationships once it is applied, as it focuses on the positive aspects of any behaviour. It also creates an environment with clear and consistent boundaries which provides individuals with stability.

Why the Nurtured Heart ApproachTM is different

  • Its theory is universally understandable and can be implemented by parents and professionals
  • The concepts fit with parents and professionals as they identify success and ability in their children
  • It can be adapted to all age ranges and complexities of children and young people
  • It provides schools and local authorities with a consistent approach that is easy to manage and appraise.
  • It produces long term success for children and families which reduce the cost of intervention of additional services.

Your Nurtured HeartTM Trainers

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson has a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Child Psychology and is a Certified Advanced Trainer in The Nurtured Heart ApproachTM. During her training she has worked with a large number of children and young people in a range of settings. Sophie is an advocate of The Nurtured Heart ApproachTM and delivers her knowledge, expertise and experiences during her training.

I think it is incredibly important for young people to be passionate, assertive and determined about their lives, therefore I strive for them to show those qualities in their values and lifestyle choices. I want young people in my care to flourish and be in a positive environment to express themselves openly and be able to trust and respect their peers and my role.

Jacci Jones

Jacci is a very proud mum of two grown up children Karl and Michelle and a 7 year old son Cai. Along with her husband Bryn, they have fostered over 16 children during their 9 years as foster carers. They currently have four children in place. Jacci has over 20 years’ experience of working with children and young people from nursery age up to adulthood with a varied range of behavioural and emotional issues.

Her qualifications include BTEC NN, Qualified Adult Tutor and Certified NHA Trainer. During her working life Jacci has worked with parenting groups, mainstream and EBD schools, she also facilitates foster care training within the local authority she fosters for, as well as training within other authorities and private fostering providers.

After having a ‘very complex’ child placed, Jacci felt the help on offer to her was very limited, and was introduced to The Nurtured Heart ApproachTM by another carer based in Manchester.

Jacci became involved with a group of carers who helped organise the first ever UK based advanced training in The Nurtured Heart ApproachTM, held in Manchester in 2008. It was delivered by Howard Glasser and Tom Grove. Since attending the Advanced Training, Jacci has worked with parents and carers within the North West and continues to be inspired by her own children and those whom she fosters.

If you have attended a Nurtured Heart ApproachTM course, please use our additional support blog site.

The Blog site enables you to

  • post privately about your experiences in using The Approach
  • obtain support and feedback from Advanced Trainers
  • blog within the Nurtured HeartTM Community, where other parents, foster carers, teachers who are using The Approach can provide support.

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