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The story of our success in healthcare

The Right Impression has been involved in healthcare sales and marketing since its inception in 1992, working nationally with both the National Health Service and the private healthcare sector.

Our team has a strong clinical background specialising in Infection Control, and through this common interest we have developed strong relationships with hospital infection prevention teams. Here are some of our successes:

  • Creating a £2.5 million per annum healthcare market sector from scratch for a multinational paper tissue manufacturer.
  • Developing the NHS liquid soap and hand care market to a level where it’s value is £4.5 million annually for a market leading client.
  • Introducing and developing the use of alcohol hand sanitiser for personal hand disinfection by nursing and medical staff throughout the United Kingdom. This awareness and development project has been so successful that the Government has now made it policy for alcohol hand sanitiser to be provided at every patient bedside in NHS hospitals.
  • Working in hospitals and NHS Trusts with the Clinical and Infection Control teams to develop individually tailored educational programmes that raise the awareness of the importance of hand washing and disinfection. This leads to greater compliance by individual staff members and reduced cross infection rates are the result.

We have also worked with hospital facilities and housekeeping services, ensuring that they had the correct equipment for their tasks and supplying training where and when it was required.

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NHS Catering is another healthcare sector we know well. We have introduced and developed sales of the cling film Wrapmaster system in NHS kitchens throughout the UK.

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Our PIMS Communication course provides you with effective positive feedback techniques to transform relationships in everyday life, with the aim of cultivating a positive culture.

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The PIMS Professional Course gives individuals the practical techniques to develop and transform relationships, and enhance communication skills.

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Training Room Altrincham Cheshire

We have a spacious training room for up to 20 people available at a competitive rate

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