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Artist John Walsh

A Stroke leads to an artistic future

After retiring in the mid-1980s, John Walsh decided to sell an Art Gallery he was running. John and his wife Thelma were planning on going to holiday to Yugoslavia, but the War broke out there and they were unable to go. It was at this time, whilst sitting in his back garden, that John suffered a stroke.

During his recuperation, and hoping to further his recovery, John’s son bought him a small paint set. John had always said that he could draw better than a lot of the artists that had showcased in the Gallery; and his son said that now was the time to put his money where his mouth was and prove it.

John stepped up to the challenge and has since become a very successful and well respected local artist in his own right.

John continues to paint prolifically using oils. At 75 years old, he believes he is still developing in style and technique. It is his technique that John is most proud of and over the past 20 years, like any creative person, he has tried many ways to improve his work.

This means that the prolific artist John Walsh has accumulated a lot of completed paintings. That he would like to share these paintings with others and have his art recognised in the wider cultural community.

As a local resident of Altrincham, John knew of the firm of business consultants, The Right Impression, as they are also situated in Altrincham.

John visited The Right Impression’s offices at Caidan House and was impressed with the welcome he received and the plans that were prepared for him.

Now John Walsh has his own website, www.artistjohnwalsh.co.uk, and The Right Impression are looking after the sales and marketing side of the business so that John can get with what he does best.

The Right Impression create tailor-made solutions for all of their clients, be they an individual artist or a blue chip multinational.


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