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PIMS is a unique training programme based on Positive Psychology, a mainstream segment of established modern science, developed and pioneered by Martin Seligman Ph.D.

PIMS is the science of developing the way we perceive everyday life experiences, allowing us to strengthen our positive individual traits, develop resiliency and improve the quality of life.

There is something helpful and positive for everyone in PIMS, which has been designed into three specialist sectors:

PIMS Career

Starting out or changing your career path?

The Right Impression has been successfully helping to launch and develop careers since 1992. This is supported by our dedicated team who all have considerable commercial and training experience, including CV professional writing, so they understand this important task very well.

We can help you achieve your career success with our unique Positive Impact Mentoring Solutions, also known as PIMS. We offer you:

  • A personally designed development programme
  • In-depth analysis of your skills, qualities and experience
  • Training you to project your positive aspects to the world
  • Helping you to be assertive and self confident
  • Creating your unique, carefully crafted Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Please visit our PIMS Career page for more information.

PIMS Professional

PIMS guides professionals to recognise positive behaviour, through effective feedback and goal setting, how to develop an individual’s resiliency and provide strict and consistent rules. It also demonstrates and remedies how we as professionals can provide negative feedback without being aware, known as NIMS.

The PIMS programme helps you achieve this by:

  • Using the theory of Positive Psychology, providing practical techniques for implementation
  • The principles of effective communication with individuals and groups.
  • Highly interactive workshop
  • Recognising and effectively feeding back positive character strengths
  • Developing the impact we have on people’s lives.
  • Enhance professional development by self-reflection and improving communication style.

Please visit our PIMS Professional page for more information.

PIMS Communication

The PIMS communication course provides individuals with the tools and abilities to effectively transform relationships in everyday life, stimulating a positive environment. The course enables individuals to develop their professional and personal interactions, creating positive outcomes. The PIMS communication course will help you to:

  • Get the best out of people
  • Achieve your goals
  • Enhance professional development
  • Improve relationships
  • Reduce conflict

Please visit our PIMS Communication page for more information.

Circles Network Partnership

Circles Network is a national charity and UK wide voluntary organisation. The Right Impression and Circles Network have been working closely together developing the Positive Impact Mentoring Solutions programme.

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Our PIMS Communication course provides you with effective positive feedback techniques to transform relationships in everyday life, with the aim of cultivating a positive culture.

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The PIMS Professional Course gives individuals the practical techniques to develop and transform relationships, and enhance communication skills.

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Training Room Altrincham Cheshire

We have a spacious training room for up to 20 people available at a competitive rate

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